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Overview of Correspondence with NAIC and State Regulators

In May 2012, I wrote to the NAIC regarding deceptive advertisements run by New York Life and Northwestern. My articles on these deceptive ads can be found at Beware Deceptions. Enclosed with my letter were a list of interrogatories, to facilitate the NAIC’s analysis of the issues with the deceptive ads. The NAIC’s replies received are contained in a separate document.

Similarly in January 2011, I wrote to the NAIC’s 2011 President regarding the pervasive, age-old industry problems and explicitly documented several instances of sales misconduct. I asked the NAIC to consider: 1) agreeing to return some compensation (consent to a clawback), and 2) obtaining a performance bond, guaranteeing that they would finally do their duty. The NAIC President replied, expressing doubts about its ability to secure bond guaranteeing its completion of needed reforms. (PDF)

In an August 2010 letter, I invited the NAIC 2011 President to join with me and participate in my ‘Campaign to Fix the Industry.’ The NAIC President responded, essentially stating that my goals are their goals, and inviting me to get more involved with the NAIC. (PDF)

In August 2010, I also wrote to the President of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA), an organization that the industry established to provide a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to life insurers following the sales practices scandals of the 1980s and ‘90s. IMSA never responded, and in fact, the fraudulent IMSA, having never fulfilled its own fundamental, first principles during its 14 year existence, ceased operations before December 2010!

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