The Source for Unrivaled Expertise, Integrity, and Truly Exceptional Life Insurance Policies, Analysis, Service and Value. Avoid Getting Scammed, Abused, Fooled or Hoodwinked by a Smooth-talking, Seemingly-helpful, Huckster agent.

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Overview - As Agent, Adviser, or Expert works with individuals, businesses, trustees, attorneys, accountants, agents, private bankers, financial planners, and fee-only advisers on:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Annuities
  4. Long Term Care Insurance.

Our hundreds of clients span the spectrums of walks-of-life and financial resources; from young couples just married to large, extended families with extraordinary income and wealth, from small solo practitioners to mid-sized family-run businesses to large leading public companies. We can act as an agent, a consultant, or an expert witness. Initial consultations are free; all client information is maintained confidentially. We have worked with dozens of life insurers over the past two decades. Our founder and associated agents have active licenses with virtually all of the leading life insurers in the US. We have no restrictive allegiance to any insurer. If we do not already have a license/contract to conduct business in your state or country, or with a necessary insurer, we will obtain such, or supervise the work of another so situated. has worked with clients who have lived in practically every state in the US, and more than a dozen countries around the world on the following general types of projects:

  • Assessing Needs for Insurance
  • Buying Insurance and Properly Structuring It
  • Evaluating Life Insurance’s Position Within One’s Portfolio and Estate Plan
  • Examining Existing Insurance Policies’ Financial Performance
  • Providing Detailed Financial Reports Based, Not on Policy Illustrations, But on Insurers’ Actual Financial Statements
  • Re-selling Existing and Unwanted Life Insurance to third-party investors
  • Solving Problems Created By Problematic Sales and/or Products
  • Consulting on Life Insurance Marketing, Sales Training, Agency Operations, and Insurance Company Management
  • Helping Journalists, Regulators, Attorneys, Consumer Groups, and Others Interested in Improving the Functioning of the Life Insurance Marketplace

If your concerns involve any of the above types of projects/issues, we have over the past 20+ years probably helped a handful, if not scores, of similarly situated others: 1) fully assess their alternatives, 2) wisely assemble and review the information required to make smart decisions, and 3) confidently and expertly implement solutions extraordinarily rich in creativity and value. Please review the Case Studies, and Testimonials/Quotes to learn more about the unique quality of our work. And, of course, please do not hesitate to contact me directly to confidentially discuss your concerns without any obligation. Always glad to be of service.


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