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Introductory Note to Media and Concerned Citizens - ideas that could help win a Pulitzer Prize

Media (and Concerned Citizens)

The proof of the enormous problems in the life insurance industry have been extensively documented by others (the Federal Trade Commission in 1979, Emeritus Professor Joseph Belth repeatedly over the past 50 years, and Justice Brandeis years earlier). No financial marketplace without good disclosure can properly function, and the life insurance marketplace has always been plagued with profoundly inadequate product disclosure.

Consequently, the transformation of the dysfunctional life insurance industry’s marketplaces has always depended upon the dissemination of the information that consumers have always needed and deserved. Good information and its dissemination are and have always been the imperative and the indispensable steps in fixing broken financial markets. In light of that, while others have thought that fixing the life insurance industry would necessarily require extensive and protracted regulatory action, Breadwinners’ Insurance asserts, and is in fact showing, that the solution has merely depended upon the dissemination of good information.

Fixing the life insurance industry’s marketplaces will produce a myriad of benefits: better value for consumers, better usage of the industry’s products, and radical reductions of all the assorted age-old problems (distrust, terribly costly mistakes, inefficiency, avoidance, procrastination, lack of agent professionalism, etc.) that have for so long characterized the life insurance industry and marketplace.

Breadwinners’ Insurance invites all who care about the issues of economic justice, governmental effectiveness, and consumer concerns to spread the news about Breadwinners’ and to join in its actions fostering the forthcoming Informational Tsunami – a consumer-friendly tsunami. Unlike the complexity involved in health insurance issues, fixing the life insurance industry is an informational driven event. The life insurance industry should be, can be, and will be transformed in 2012.

Brian Fechtel (pronounced Fetch-el), the founder of Breadwinners' Insurance, welcomes opportunities to speak with financial journalists and to organizations that are interested in life insurance and its industry’s related products because of their interest in either general public policy issues or in personal financial planning matters. Together, we will in 2012 fix the life insurance industry and its marketplaces.

Journalists are strongly encouraged to email Brian any questions. Interviews need to be scheduled. All journalists (and, naturally, all others as well) are invited to review the wealth of information on the Breadwinners’ website and to submit copies of their own relevant articles for posting or linking. Again, working together, we will in 2012 fix the life insurance industry and its marketplaces.


Brian Fechtel

P.S. Also, do you know what has been the absolute most fraudulent scandal in the history of the life insurance industry? Hint: See Brian’s communications with Kiplinger’s reporter who covers the life insurance industry.


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