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"Over the many years Brian has worked on my insurance needs and those of my colleagues in business, we have always found his advice was to point us to the lowest cost quality options to meet our needs, regardless of the consequences to his own fees, and always in our best interest. We admire his high energy and integrity."

Former Partner, McKinsey & Co.

“I did want to reiterate how much we appreciated your help throughout. It was very comforting and reassuring to be with someone I trusted and where I knew you were in fact looking out for our best interests.”

Senior Executive, Mutual Fund Company & Stanford MBA

“Brian has been my insurance agent for close to two decades, and he has proven on numerous times that he always has my best interests at heart. He has consistently recommended policies that were good for me and my situation, choose not to sell me more than I needed, and always made sure it was priced very competitively. In addition, there were situations where Brian fought for my rights at the clear expense of the insurer’s and his own interests. I feel very comfortable recommending Brian to anyone.”

Head of Fixed Income Trading Desk for an Investment Bank

“Brian was more interested in making sure I understood what I was buying than he was in making the sale. The world would be a better place if more insurance salesman were like him.”

Software Executive

“As a financial services professional, I did some research and talked to a couple of insurance agents about life insurance policies and options, but found that these agents were essentially sales persons, with no orientation to the idea of value. When I talked with Brian, he quickly explained the economics of insurance policies. He listened to my financial situation and explored a variety of options that addressed my objectives. We have regularly revisited the policy and options for managing it, given the dynamics of the economy and life situations. My own work involves making complicated financial products understandable to the average person, and Brian earned my respect as a customer-oriented advisor doing the same in the life insurance field. I have been happy to recommend him to friends and family.

Former Senior Executive, Fannie Mae

“I want to thank you for recommending him [Brian] to me. He was very kind, very pleasant, and very knowledgeable…”

A prospect’s note to Consumer Federation of America’s life insurance adviser, Jim Hunt.

Prospect, with a net worth of more than $10 million, subsequently became a client, moving his trust’s coverage from a low-load insurer (with uncompetitive financial performance) based on my recommendation.

“I would be saddened if Northwestern Mutual loses one of its most knowledgeable and best agents…Unless Northwestern Mutual corrects this situation appropriately, I will refuse to recommend it to anyone in the future. As a long-time policyholder, this makes me very disappointed.”

Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, Wharton Business School, responding to my petition to Northwestern to rescind its termination notice.

“Your letter to the Trustees must have been a doozie. If they were smart they would have moved you to Milwaukee and put you in management…”

Life Insurance Industry Consultant, upon learning that Northwestern had terminated me

“I chose to work with Brian after being dissatisfied with the ignorance, disingenuousness and self-serving recommendations of at least three other Northwestern agents with whom I met. An independent adviser, Glenn Daily, referred me to Brian. Brian’s service and advice was a delightful contrast from that provided by the other Northwestern agents. Brian understands the product thoroughly and offered candid, professional advice regarding the best value. Although Brian was inappropriately dismissed by Northwestern, I plan to continue to use him to service my Northwestern policies.”

NYC Attorney

“As I have told Brian on a few occasions, I wish that I had know about Jim Hunt and him five years ago, before I had purchased my other policies.”

Executive, PNC Bank

“A few years ago I was interested in purchasing a life policy from Northwestern and was given Brian’s name by …….. It was the best recommendation I could have possibly received! I called Brian and he took considerable care and time in explaining everything I needed to know and helping me structure the best coverage for my needs. He never wavered in his commitment to make sure I understood everything I was about to do and what was best for my family’s needs. I am extremely happy with that policy and I have Brian to thank. I had contacted a different agent before being directed to Brian and all I got was insurance “babble,” confusion and no response to my requests for clarification. Brian was a world of difference in style, manner, and knowledge of his product. He truly cares about his customers. His follow through was beyond excellent …. I have kept in touch with Brian over the years, have called him for advice, and have recommended him to all my friends and family….. I have a friend I can count on!”

Retired Educator


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